Top 3 Crypto to buy in October 2022 (HUGE Potential)

yes welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name’s Austin in today’s video I’m going to share with you six cryptocurrencies altcoins that I think are set to do very very well in 2023. now some on this list may be obvious to you yet others may surprise you so make sure you watch the whole video and really pay attention to the reasoning behind each coin so like always check the timestamps down below hit the like button and before we get to coin number six very quickly I do just have to say I am not a registered financial advisor I’m just sharing my journey what works for me make your own decisions number two investing in cryptocurrency is incredibly risky especially with this looming recession the macro environment like it is so I’m not saying that in 2023 these coins will go parabolic but what I am saying is that if in the next three six nine months sometime next year if we see a recession if we see a historic crash these are some of the coins I’ll be picking up and holding for the long term and of course number three while today’s video we will be more focusing on the Blue Chips the high caps in a future video I will be giving an updated video on top altcoins that are low caps so hit subscribe and comment down below which coins you like you believe in for the long term okay let’s jump in starting with coin number six on today’s list it has the biggest Network effect for a reason ethereum now I am going to assume at this point we all know what ethereum is but for those who don’t if you want a beginner’s guide on how it’s different from the other cryptocurrencies why the network is significant I will link this video down below the real reason ethereum will hit twenty thousand dollars per coin great beginner’s guide on ethereum link down below but the reason eth makes our list number six today is because eth compared to all the other major blockchains still has the most developers the most apps and the most activity on the network so even though other chains may have more bells and whistles maybe a little faster ethereum still has the best fundamentals and I’ll show you the reason a coin would go up in value is if it’s actually being used and the more dapps built on these networks the more you need to hold the coin to develop uses gas so looking at the top blockchained apps right now for all of these chains we can see number one goes to uniswap ethereum’s main decks that’s the most used app in the world right now on ethereum number two pancake swap in this case BNB wins number three curve that’s on ethereum number four polygon proof of stake bridge on ethereum number five unisoft version 2 ethereum 0x on ethereum Compound on ethereum whatever this is on ethereum one inch on ethereum etc etc you get the point out of the top 10 out of all these blockchains in existence ethereum’s killing it and what that means to you and me as investors especially since the merge Supply and circulation has gone way down I love this chart this is eth Supply since the merge this Gray Line represents the old proof of work eth this Orange Line represents bitcoin’s inflation every year coming in around 1.72 percent and then this blue line represents eth post merge so much less Supply coming into the ecosystem almost deflationary and this is during a bear Market usage for all blockchains is way down right now but over these next few years as defy nfts web 3 continue to grow bigger ethereum will continue to get stronger based on the building so eth comes in at number six coming in at number five on today’s list is polygon and let me share with you why first off what is polygon polygon is a layer 2 scaling solution for eth a way to enjoy the benefits of ethereum without the infamous gas fees that hurt its users for those of you who want a beginner’s guide on what polygon is why the Network’s valuable I will link this video down below these are Clips directly from the co-founder why polygon Matic will 100x in growth by 2030. polygon video linked down below check it out but the reason that Matic makes our list today is because even through the bear Market polygon is still seeing outrageous growth in leadership in adoption for example major players in web 2 are coming into web 3 and joining polygon former EA exec Michael blank unjoining polygon Studios and the promise of blockchain gaming and he’s not the only one earlier this year YouTube’s head of gaming leaves YouTube to join blockchain group polygon and of course we’re seeing major entities build on the network Robinhood just debuted a new non-custodial crypto wallet on the polygon Network it’s in beta testing and of course as we reported the other day both Facebook and Instagram users can now issue nfts on the ethereum flow and polygon Network that’ll be a ton of daily active users coming on to polygon and next up coming in at coin number four and then a different one of coin number three a few coins off of the iso 20022 compliant crypto list so what does this mean what is ISO 20022 and which cryptos are on the list so here’s the definition and just understand these are protocols that are used for Bank communication and this definition is sort of technical but ISO 20o 22 protocol is a standard for electronic data interchange between Financial Services in the payments industry it’s based on DLT distributed Ledger technology and uses ISO 20o22 as a messaging mechanism so this is a regulatory framework that the traditional Financial system has deemed okay Banks worldwide have already committed to this worldwide regulatory framework which backs both Swift and the Federal Reserve and as we move towards this new Quantum Financial system any third party that wants to interact with banks must be able to use the iso 20022 format so as regulation for cryptocurrency becomes more prevalent this year and years to come this is what the traditional system has deemed okay with them Banks and financial institutions worldwide are entering a new era as they gear up to switch their payment systems from using Swift messages to now ISO 20022 a much more structured and data-rich financial messaging standard by 2025 ISO will be the global standard for high or large value Payment Systems in all Reserve currencies and it will handle eighty percent of transactions and 87 percent of transaction value globally so regulation is the trend and usually the trend is your friend so we would be remiss not to include some of these ISO compliant cryptocurrencies and they are as of now Stellar h-bar Iota xdc Ripple algorand and Quant each of these cryptos was developed to make Global transactions more accessible and because of this they could comply with the iso 20o 22 standard more quickly now obviously this is just the start because however as more cryptos do not want to be left out of the worldwide payment sector and move towards ISO compliancy this list will only expand also by the way just because you’re on this list doesn’t make get a good coin just because they follow ISO 20o 22 compliancy doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a suitable investment okay so what this means to you as an investor as Swift the bank of England the FED as all these major entities start transferring value globally on these ISO compliant networks let’s keep tabs on this list for today if I had to name coins that I like I would choose off of this list number one I like algorand and algrand is that blue chip L1 on this list in my opinion as for a second option you know I might just choose xrp even though I’m not a long-term fundamental believer I think they are accomplishing more than you know some of these others also if they win the case against the SEC might be a good trade anyway that’s me comment down below which ISO compliant coins you like making our list and number two cardano and let me share with you why this is founder Charles hoskinson speaking mainnet 2022 a conference on what everybody gets wrong about cardano we know that the network has some of the best technology peer-reviewed papers we know that cardano has a huge Grassroots Community but as for what’s coming next now that the basil hard Fork is complete listen to Charles Hoskins and explain what to expect in 2023 and Beyond he’ll talk about nfts he’ll talk about Hydra he’ll talk about people getting cardano tattoos on their arms three minute clip watch this but again my question is what does success look like from an end usage on the platform well you got a vendor outside world mobile they’re literally building an ISP that’s launching this year on cardano’s network with 2 million users that’s success we’re creating a micro office so let’s talk about those right that’s launching later this year anything else in the meantime sure you’re going to wear it where you have 10 plus dexes on cardano from Sunday swap the wing Riders some are quite Innovative like wind Riders is actually a hybrid that it runs on an ethereum side chain of cardano with a bridge to ethereum to bring a stable coin in by the way that’s the only hack I’ve ever lost money in because Nomad was hacked and I think I lost some coins there but you know they run there’s men’s swim Bob Mina jet is a stable coin that Cody’s launching it’s a it’s an over reserved algorithmic stable coin that’s on and I argue much much better design than Luna you got oracles that are in the system that people are developing orbis is doing a whole roll-up solution for the system um we have great Partnerships around like one chains building a bridge to cardano it’s a rich and vibrant ecosystem what I’m tired about is people saying it’s a ghost chain it’s like just go to cardano Cube and look at the damn list and there’s so many dapps that are there we have a huge nft ecosystem over 5 million native assets have been launched on cardano so we we have a great ecosystem in that respect and we can’t be everything to everyone but I’m pretty happy when you have Snoop Dogg’s son doing claymates on the system I’m pretty happy when you have major financial institutions say Hey how do we get involved and support cardano and do something a lot of Swiss bags are doing I’m pretty happy when you’ve got guys launching internet balloons and Zanzibar and they find using utility inside the ecosystem that’s where we’re at today in a bear market and the key is can we keep evolving and keep adding and keep getting more functionality the other thing is the co-evolution of the technology so we have a technology called Hydra it’s uh like a state Channel system we’ve been building this is a product where we get to co-build it with dap developers so every two weeks there’s a release cycle many of the DAP developers want it for scale because they want to do a lot of stuff off chain so they come and give us requests and as a Development Group and we’ve satisfied that and makes their apps better that’s a vibrant ecosystem and it’s it’s growing exponentially and I don’t care if it’s 10 or 15 or 20 what I care about is what is that metric of growth where is it going to be in three years or five years and when I look at everything from the amount of users on chain to the amount of delegated stake to the amount of transactions which you guys record on your own framework the amount of value being moved everything actually is growing on cardano at a pretty nice rate meanwhile we keep what we have people don’t leave if they’ve tattooed the logo on their body and name their kid Ada and these types of things they’re just not going to leave so you keep what you have you keep growing you keep getting more capabilities and every time you do it you leave no one behind because you have backwards compatibility with what they’ve built in the past which was satoshi’s point if you’re going everything at Bitcoin works the same way as it worked January 3rd of 2009 similarly everything on cardano works exactly the same way for a user who did something in 2017 but there’s just new stuff for new users to use if they choose to do that okay give me your thoughts on cardano down below but coming in at coin number one of coins to watch in 2023 is chain link and we’ll go over the stats in a second but as this channel reported to you the other day speaking of adoption Swift has just partnered with a crypto data provider chain link on a cross chain protocol tradify play now why did they do this well interest from institutional investors moving into crypto has been undeniable says Swift’s strategy director and to do this they chose chain link so Swift is now working with chain link on a cross-chain interoperability protocol ccip in an initial proof of concept ccip will enable Swift messages to instruct on-chain token transfers helping the inner Bank Network to be able to communicate across all blockchain environments the partnership between chain link and Swift in cross-chain interoperability will help bridge the gap between traditional and digital assets for tradify institutions and now looking at the metrics which just got released for this last quarter in Q3 2022 the chain link ecosystem expanded to now over 1500 plus projects across 15 different blockchains key Milestones over 6.18 trillion transaction value enabled in 2022 4.2 billion plus data points delivered on chain over 8 million Randomness requests served as well as 15 000 plus GitHub repos using chain link and of course what this means to you and me as investors is that even during a bear Market the fundamental growth is undeniable so that’s the list comment down below coins for a lower cap video dropping soon and like always see you tomorrow

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