Terra Luna 2.0 VS Terra Luna Classic: Which Crypto Will Make You Millionaire? (LUNA vs LUNC)

hey guys what’s going on Welcome Back to the channel and this is going to be a comparison video of Luna 2.0 and Terra Luna classic so Guys these are the like top two trending coins right now uh two of these coins are trending on coin market cap literally daily so I think there is a lot of hype regarding both of these coins so I decided to make a comparison video of uh which one to buy which one is better and which one is much uh better for long-term holding which one could sustain the overall crypto markets and which one of these will die so if you have these questions in your mind then this video is all for you so let’s get started so guys Tara Luna which is also known as Luna 2.0 which is the new chain of the original chain and the original chain was called the Luna which was later named to Luna classic which is now the literally everyone’s favorite crypto and the new crypto is called Luna Luna 2.0 Terra Luna and we are seeing some nice relief rally in Luna 2.0 I mean Luna 2.0 we can see that Luna 2.0 is up 17 percentage on the day but now the question is is this sustainable is this really um like good compared to the Luna classic guys the clear answer is no Luna 2.0 is not the coin that you want to hold for long because I don’t think this thing has any future Luna 2.0 definitely does not have any future because this coin is still owned by dokwon and nobody likes to trust no Quan dokwan is a fraudster con artist so literally if this coin is still run by him I’m never gonna put I’m never gonna put my money into this but Terra Luna classic is something that interests me and that’s why I’m holding this crypto so now let’s now let’s compare the the the the various statistics of this coin side by side so we can get an idea so if we see here uh Luna 2.0 has a market capitalization market cap of 459 million which is four times less than the market cap of Luna classic which is uh 1.9 billion so you you can of you can see the difference this is obvious this is very apparent that uh Luna classic is four times bigger than Terra Luna 2.0 and this is because Luna tube I mean Luna 2.0 is a new project and nobody likes to and nobody trusts dokwan so nobody is gonna put their money into Luna 2.0 and I don’t know who are these people buying this maybe these are some whales or someone who is hoping that this crypto will make a money but I don’t know like to me uh in my opinion I think Luna classic is a better crypto because this is run by the community and yeah this is actually pretty good the UST is also getting back to a dollar pack which is really good which is making me believe that we could later or sooner see some nice price uh movement in Luna classic so that’s the thing and if we just look at the circulating Supply a lunar classic has a circulating supply of uh 6.8 trillion tokens which was earlier around 6.95 trillion tokens so we have definitely saw a significant uh burn or or reduction in the circulating supply of lunar classic but looking at the circulating supply of and lunar 2.0 there are 160 166 million tokens but I don’t think uh this this is something that we should be caring about because the total Supply is still over a billion so yeah you know well moving down take a look at this wait let me show you something so this is Luna 2.0 and this is the all-time low in this coin which is 1.53 cents and we and the all-time low was on uh 29th August 2022 about a month ago and the the price was at 1.53 cents and we are up 80 percentage from its all-time low and now let’s go back to Terra Luna 2.0 and if we see here the all-time low in the Luna classic was at this price zero point then we have four five six zeros uh triple nine nine sixty seven and this price was on May 13 2022 about five months ago and we are up a whopping 28 000 percentage which is 20 uh which is 285 times profit from its all-time low so those who were lucky to get Luna classic at this price have already 285 times their initial investment which is really awesome so you guys see the difference uh lunar classic is actually much better crypto uh in my opinion to hold for the long term compared to the Luna 2.0 which I really don’t like because this is still a run by dokwon who I don’t trust no more and I’m not gonna let him play with my money no more well I think Luna classic is the crypto to go we have some great news coming up for Luna classic and there are some good news going on with Luna classic the Luna Classics ustc stable coin repack could be much easier than we thought and the lfg organization currently holds 1.8 billion 1.8 billion USD usdc on their reserves and not only that but the Oracle pool has 1.2 billion as well so if they both together burned 3 billion I mean they can burn 30 percentage of the current ustc stable coin Supply which will actually make this crypto Luna classic and and the UST will also go back to uh will be will go higher so it’s gonna take a Luna classic to new heights it’s gonna literally Skyrocket lunar classic and this is the big this is the major Catalyst for lunar classic coin which is actually exciting me a lot and this is the why and this is the reason why I’m adding more to my Luna classic Investments which is really awesome this is the crypto I would like to go and we have bad news for Luna 2.0 holders but this is not to scare anyone or create fun or anything this is just my personal opinion and take a look at this news article what Duke one did so Joe Quan continues cashing out of Tara while investors remain hopeful you see this dokon is cashing out of Terra loop I mean Terror 2.0 and while investors are remaining hopeful now this is the big now this is something really wrong that I see with Luna 2.0 because dokon still has control over do not 2.0 Terra Luna so he can anytime cash out the profits when he want and he is right now running away from uh governments worldwide the Interpol has a I mean the interval has issued a arrest warrant against him so he is in big trouble and he is uh actually uh he is actually uh concluded guilty so you know that what’s gonna happen to him is the future of Luna 2.0 basically and the on-chain record suggests that terraform lab CEO and co-founder dokwan has been Cashing Out Terra Luna to a binance wallet while selling the new coin on Twitter now that’s really concerning so dokwan continues to Shilling Luna 2.0 the future of Luna classic and Luna so yeah but I think Luna classic has actually a better future I mean if you’re saying Luna classic is dead I will say you might be wrong but if you say luna classic is uh also that I will say you’re right so Luna I mean Luna 2.0 has no future Luna classic is the coin that’s I’m gonna that I’m gonna hold so guys that was all for this video I hope you enjoyed this if you did make sure drop a like subscribe to the channel and I’ll be right back another video till then keep learning keep investing bye bye see you later peace

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